• Providing onsite and offsite IT services
    We deliver IT services for our clients, both on and off site utilizing our virtual teams that work mostly remotely
  • Best people for the job
    We strive to attract the top 5% of people in respective fields to provide our clients with the best services
  • Well defined performance metrics
    To be able to outperform ourselves we have created performance metrics we match our teams to.
  • Selection process
    We have devised our own hiring process that allows us to chose the best candidates

People & Freedom

Most important part of any team are the people, we are building teams from crème de la crème of respective fields. By giving people the freedom to work at their time in our virtual teams we get the best productivity and best results. Best teams in sports have best players and in business it is exactly the same. Best people provide best services.


we measure our teams productivity to make sure we OUTPERFORM everyone else and ourselves

Process & Selection

To achieve the goals of the team and our customers we implement internal processes that clearly define the quality and productivity baselines and the serve as guides to all our team members. The selection process involve tests and are designed to provide us with top 5% resources in any filed.