rightsourcing  : /raɪtˈsɔːsɪŋ/ : delivering the right resource for the right task at the right price



We offer full range of consulting services. Our main focus areas are architecture and technology design, implementation and business as usual services. IIT strives to outmatch and outperform any of its competitors. Our services are provided by top individuals that are recognized in their respective sectors. Our team consists of several highly skilled individuals and their respective teams so we can provide services on all levels.

Social Marketing

We understand the process, and can plan and execute your Social Media campaigns to integrate with your online marketing plan. Put simply, we know Social Media. We’ll post, tweet, pin and publish, drawing new visitors to your site and retaining existing ones, we’ll open up the conversations and push your brand into new areas of opportunity.


We create beautifully designed, and user experience focused, solutions that capture the essence of our clients' brands. Websites and applications are developed to match customer requirements and outmatch their requirements. Our team consist of back and front end programmers to be able to truly integrate the solutions and provide user experience that combines the functionality and branding.

Our teams are location independent consultants, programmers and managers that are top 5% in their fields. We believe in modern office tools and that people best work on their own time

We have provided consulting and architecture services through out the complete redesign of Data Center services and consolidation. Our team helped customer through out the length of project and process changes to make sure of customer success.

Allergan Inc.USA

We were subcontracted to provide management, design and delivery services as part of wider consortium to support IT operations services for IT department

European CommissionLuxembourg

Delivery of full marketing solution, including marketing strategy, branding, social media strategy and development of websites and backend management systems including CRM and ERP

BlueSail Group a.s.UK & EU

Provided full social media presence, strategy, integration. Designed complete set of tools and instruments to support online trainings, image sharing and indexing as well content distribution to social media.

SmartorgrafieCzech Republic